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Nancy Pitkin

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Nancy Pitkin is a pianist, composer, vocalist, Sound Healer and songwriter. Early in her career she was a music educator, and later she  traveled to Nashville, TN to hone her songwriting skills. While there she worked for several music publishers and also performed. She has performed not only as a soloist, but also in bands and duos, and has been a collaborative accompanist for shows, instrumentalists, singers and dancers.

Nancy attributes her musical talents to her mother, who was a soloist in musicals and who played the piano and accordion. Her grandfather sang in a barbershop quartet called the Silk City Four, and was also a ragtime piano player who also played the saxophone and accordion. She remembers thumbing through his piano books when she was young, and learning how to play his genre of music.

Nancy is a certified Sound Healer who studied under Jonathan Goldman; a leading authority on the subject. She continues to incorporate her knowledge of Sound Healing into her work as a musician and vocalist. Her popular workshops have been presented at health care professional retreats, to corporate audiences, senior groups and for Hospice providers both in the US and UK.

Nancy performs a musical “Sound Bath,” weaving heart-opening, original piano music with other healing instruments such as Pan and Native American flutes, chimes, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks. This creates a beautiful harmonic tapestry that bathes the participant in a almost surround sound environment that vibrates deep within.

To contact Nancy for more info about her original music, Healing Music, or music for older adults, please e-mail [email protected].

You can find her healing music at CDbaby!

A Walk with the Angels.